Riding Gloves

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Hand cut and sewn in Britain in the old fashioned way creating wonderfully fitting sports performance gloves for the equestrian world .

Grip is of course of great significance to riders and the inherent water-resistant properties of the Second-skin leather riding glove offers unparalleled grip benefits.

The water � resistant properties of specialist hide leather provide a unique stable structure, which helps shed water and guarantees that even in the most adverse conditions will retain and even improve its wet grip performance.

The Second-skin Sport-Leather Horse Riding Glove is specially tanned with sweat resistant properties, to enable the leather to breathe normally and help it retain its natural softness of touch, feel and fit providing equestrians with the unprecedented control which is the hallmark of quality and innovation .

The Second-Skin Sport-Leather Horse Riding Glove also features an almost forgotten traditional hand-crochet back in a choice of beige, black, and are fully washable .(please see special washing instructions for correct products to use)

The secret to the quality of the gloves is the choice of  world reknown specialist leather from British tanners.

The specialist hide used in the i-Quip glove range not only shrug off moisture but allow perspiration to escape, without any change in the structure of the leather, thereby maintaining softness and strength.


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