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The I-Quip Competitor

"an understated solution to a simple problem "

For lovers of adventurous long distance riding whether it be trail rides, Le Trec, bridleways or riding holidays. This new concept in rider wear is an award winning multi-functional gilet which gives you ease of access to essential kit. It is inspired and designed by riders, the "i-Quip Brites" collection of gilets are for those who want, need and have been searching for extra somethin in rider-wear , that little bit more to enhance their confidence ..

The award winning "i-Quip Competitor " with its integral unique mapcase configuration is bespoke for Le Trec and Endurance.

Designed with the help of champion Le Trec competitors who appreciate being correctly equipped is most important.

Cut for shape , comfort and style in very lightweight splashproof yet robust fabric, the "i-Quip Competitor" provides comfort with minimial movement and convenience with an interesting collection of pouches, pockets loops and toggles offering eas

e of access to essentials from phone to first aid, keys to compass , hoof-pick to hankies ....

This latest design in rider wear means " you've got what you want , you've got what you need you've got the edge.

With an "i-Quip" .......You've got it


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